French hunter apologises after shooting Brit dead he thought was a boar

A French hunter has apologised after he shot dead a Brit who he mistook for a wild boar.

Morgan Keane – a 25-year-old Franco-British man – was killed while he was chopping wood near his home in the village of Calvignac in south-west France.

Both the man who fired the gun and the organiser of the boar hunt are now on trial for involuntary manslaughter in the nearby town of Cahors, the Daily Mirror reports.

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The shocking accident has also prompted cries to tighten shooting restrictions in rural regions of France.

Both men could now be sentenced to three years in prison and face a €75,000 (£65,500) fine.

"There isn't a day I don't think about it," the shooter told the court. "It's marked me for life. I'm sorry."

He also admitted that he had not "identified the target".

The case has become a platform for both anti-hunting activists and defenders of the hobby.

Locally, farmers see the hunts as necessary to keep down the population of deer and boar.

When hunting season is in full swing, the sounds of gunshots reverberate through large swathes of the French countryside.

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Many walkers feel threatened so avoid forested areas for their safety.

Gun-restriction activist Audrey Tindiliere, whose organisation was set up after Keane's death, says the group has garnered a lot of support in the short time it's been operating.

"A lot of people support us," Tindiliere said. "80% of people are in favour of strengthening the regulation of hunting in order to improve the sharing of the countryside with hunters.

The prosecution wants both suspects to receive a two-year custodial sentence, with 18 months suspended.

This, they said, would underscore "the seriousness of the shortcomings that led to the death of Morgan Keane".


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