Forty-day-old twins conjoined at stomach separated in miracle 2.5-hour surgery

Two conjoined twins have been successfully separated following a miracle two-and-a-half hour surgery.

The sisters were born sharing the same umbilical cord, with connected abdomens, and were just 40-days-old when they underwent the surgery at the Zhejiang University Children's Hospital in Hangzhou city, China.

Following the surgical separation, both babies underwent sternum, diaphragm and abdominal wall repair operations, simultaneously and lying in adjacent operating rooms.

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Incredible footage showed the conjoined twins going into the initial operating room at around 9.00am

They emerged from the room at around 11.20am as separate babies.

Medical staff also filmed the moment they were officially marked as two separate individuals when each sister was given their own tag.

The director of Zhejiang University Children's Hospital, who oversaw the surgery, said that the vital signs of both twins are stable at present.

The pair have both retained their complete organs and their abdomens are reportedly almost the same as they would be on an ordinary baby after the follow-up surgeries.

The medical team say they are optimistic about their recovery, although the twins remain in an intensive care unit.

One of them suffers from complex congenital heart disease but is still expected to be okay.

Doctors have been able weigh the babies for the first time in their lives now they are separated.

One weighed 5.07lbs (2.2kg), the other 6.7lbs (3kg).

This comes after two conjoined twins from Northern Ireland were successfully separated at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London in September.

Annie and Issie Bateson were born joined from the chest to the pelvis and shared one fused leg.

Mum Hannah, 31, wrote on Facebook: "Annie and Issie have been separated. It was a very long day, their surgery lasted until the early hours of Tuesday morning but our wee girlies did so well.

"I just want to say THANK YOU, the love we have been shown has been completely overwhelming and the prayers that have been said for them have carried us through. The team that carried out the girls surgery are just amazing and we are very grateful."

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