Forget coronavirus as spring break babes swap self-isolation for beach parties

Thousands of college students in the US have chosen to ignore government self-isolation recommendations to instead go on wild Spring Break beach parties.

Pictures straight from Miami Beach in Florida, Cancun in Mexico and California show sun-kissed students have no interest in staying inside.

Huge crowds of bikini-clad girls and topless men were spotted on the shores of Miami’s famous Ocean Drive.

Partygoers stripped down and packed out the sand, frolicking in barely-there bikinis and outrageous outfits.

Spring break kicks off every year in the month of March, which is when university students break up for half term.

But the fun was at risk of being cancelled this year, following strict travel restrictions as a result of the coronavirus.

Many resorts around the world have shut their doors to visitors and large gatherings have been cancelled.

The coronavirus was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation last week as Europe was named the epicentre of the virus.

Pandemonium was far from revellers minds today though, as hundreds were snapped having fun with friends on the beach all over the world.

One picture shows two girls with blue and pink hair can be strolling through the streets towards the beach as they clutched on to their drinks.

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In another picture, two girls wearing matching bikinis can be seen kneeling and bending over in the surf.

The girls looked sultry as they posed for the camera, producing pictures that have a perfect blue sea backdrop.

Once the sun goes down the girls' transition into skimpy club outfits for poolside parties and events at some of the seaside towns hottest clubs.

Top DJs from around the world flock for the hot events which saw 25,000 people assemble at the notorious Coca-Cola beach last year.

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