Footage from captured Russian troop ‘proves they have no idea what is going on’

Footage has emerged from Ukraine from the phone of a captured Russian soldier which has led some to believe it is evidence that the Kremlin troops have no idea what is going on when they are being sent to the frontline.

The video, leaked to Ukrainian Pravda, was shared on YouTube detailing the story of Lieutenant Yuri Shalayev, a graduate of "Moscow Higher Command School " and commander of the military unit 71718, stationed in Chechnya.

The representative of the elite Russian infantry lived and served in Russia before the "military special operation" in Ukraine, where he is now being healed captive for the part he has played in the invasion.

The clips start out by showing a relatively peaceful family life for the Ukrainian soldier and the last Christmas he had before the war broke out.

In a video taken six weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine, he was seen arm wrestling with other soldiers, as they laugh and smile while eating lunch together.

Then three weeks before the war he was seen dancing to a song about crocodiles before it cut to a clip of him at a beach in Derbent, Dagestan – just four days before the war.

In the footage, another soldier said to him: "War is War but the lunch and the launch are on schedule."

The footage that follows was taken during the war, which included a recording where the young soldier was heard saying that he didn't know where he was or which day of March it was.

In a clip showing an attack on Russian troops, the same lad was heard yelling: "Are they ours or not? F**k me."

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It was those final snapshots into life on the front line for Russian troops that served as 'proof' to Twitter users that the soldiers had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they invaded Ukraine.

One person tweeted: "Absolutely worth the watch. This video goes to show how clueless junior officers within the Russian military are.

"This dude is a motorized infantry platoon commander of unit 71718 and he's got no clue about anything that is going on. He's unsure what day it is, multiple times!"

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Another added: "What's even more tragic is that this is the guy who's supposed to keep the other guys in line… No wonder there's no discipline."

However, others believed they knew what they were doing as a third wrote: "God bless the Ukrainian people in their battle against evil."

A fourth wrote: "The day of the week thing was so crazy I started wondering if it was dramatic effect. He's holding his phone. It tells him that!"

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