Footage emerges of moment 40 train carriages carrying Russian troops and ammo blown up

Ukraine: Footage appears to show HIMARS strike in Brylivka

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Ukraine’s army struck the train at Brylivka railway station travelling from Crimea on July 29, killing around 80 Russian soldiers and injuring a further 200. But now astonishing video of the moment the huge train was struck is circulating on social media, leading many to claim it was a huge victory for Ukraine in the war with Russia. Footage shows quickfire explosions – compared by many on Twitter to popcorn popping in a microwave – as the vital ammunition on board is destroyed.

Numerous rockets or missiles shoot up into the night sky from the destroyed train before they explode – much like fireworks.

The multiple blasts produce huge, bright orange flames as plumes of thick smoke fill the dark night sky.

Twitter user “Jimmy” (@JimmySecUK), whose profile describes him as a “Kyiv-based independent foreign policy/security analyst”, shared one of the eye-catching videos with his 44,000 followers.

He wrote: “Footage reportedly showing the HIMARS strike on a Russian logistics train at Brylivka railway station, 29th July.

“According to the Ukrainian government, 40 train cars of materiel were destroyed.”

Several people reacting to the footage claimed this could be a vital moment for Ukraine in the war with Russia as it looks to gain the upper hand.

Twitter user Blake Allen (@Blake_Allen13) wrote: “If Ukraine can start tracking down & hitting Russian Railway troops/bases that may be one of the most impactful ways to further degrade Russian logistics.

“The railways troops are just unbelievably important to everything behind-the-lines.”

Fellow Twitter user “Hello Bro” (@HelloBroMyName) said: “That was a morale buster too. Yikes. Massive explosions.

Anton Gerashchenko, Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs, confirmed the blast in a post on Facebook last Sunday.

He wrote: “On the night of Friday to Saturday, a high-precision HIMARS strike destroyed the railway echelon of more than 40 wagons that arrived from Crimea with manpower, equipment and ammunition at the railway station of Brilevka, Kherson region.

“As a result, the living force turned into coal, the equipment into piles of scrap metal, and BC took off. The loss of life force ranged about 80-200x and 200-300s.

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“Also, according to intelligence data, all machinists and engineers of the company “Russian Railways, who were transporting military cargo from Crimea to Kherson region were killed.”

He also warned: “This is not the first case of the death of machinists of “RZD” in Ukraine. And it won’t be the last.

“If your relatives work as machinists in the Ukrainian Crimea or in the regions of the Russian Federation where echelons of ammunition are delivered to the Territory of Ukraine, know that they are potential suicide bombers!”

In the early hours of last Friday, Ukrainian forces also destroyed a Russian ammunition depot in Ilovaisk – a major regional railway hub.

Footage shared on social media showed massive flames erupting and thick, dark plumes of smoke filling the Ukrainian night sky.

Ukrainian journalist Denis Kazansky said the resulting explosions were so powerful “that windows were shattered in nearby buildings”.

He added: “Eyewitnesses report that scattered shell bits were lying on the streets. The fire continues. The route from the city is closed.”

Ilovaisk is a city in the Khartsyzk municipality, Donetsk Oblast where Russians are based, and was also the site of a battle in the conflict during 2014.

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