Fireworks suspected as cause of small fires across metro Denver area on Fourth of July

Fireworks were the suspected culprit in a number of small fires across metro Denver metro in the latter hours of the Fourth of July.

In Aurora, grass fires and a fire at a home located at 3400 block of South Laredo Court on Monday were both believed to have been ignited by fireworks.

In a tweet about the house fire’s cause, from South Metro Fire Rescue said it was “likely due to fireworks improperly discarded.”

West Metro Fire said in a tweet Monday that it has “responded to more than a dozen fires today — the majority since 4:30 p.m. — caused by fireworks.”

One of those was a small grass fire near Kipling Street and Alameda Avenue, likely the result of fireworks, according to West Metro Fire.

South Metro Fire Rescue and Aurora Fire Department both dealt with a brush fire behind 3800 block of South Himalaya Way. South Metro Fire said via Twitter that winds were making this situation “especially challenging and dangerous.”

South Metro Fire Rescue added that fireworks continued to be fired off in the area “despite the ongoing fire.”

At 8:48 p.m., the fire was completely contained, according to South Metro Fire Rescue.

Witnesses allegedly saw aerial fireworks over the Spring Creek Park open space prior to the start of the fire, which began to “rapidly spread” shortly thereafter, officials said.

Rainy conditions throughout the evening likely played a role in curtailing the spread of these fires, all of which have been contained by their respective fire departments.

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