Female prison counsellor told ‘sex slave’ lag ‘mama must see your big c**k’

A prison counsellor is facing charges of sexual assault after a schizophrenic inmate accused them of months of abuse.

Theresa Lyn Simmons, a former behavioural health counsellor, was employed at a Michigan prison as a third-party contractor where she allegedly preyed on an inmate.

The 43-year-old has been arrested on August 16 for second-degree criminal sexual conduct of a county inmate.

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According to Law&Crime, Michigan law says an individual is “guilty of criminal sexual conduct in the second degree” if they engage in unlawful “sexual contact with another person”.

In this incident, it refers to “a prisoner or probationer under the jurisdiction of a county.” If found guilty, Simmons could face up to 15 years behind bars.

Authorities reportedly said the abuse occurred “on different occasions during January of 2022.”

The schizophrenic inmate filed a federal lawsuit claiming abuse in graphic detail.

The file claims Simmons subjected the inmate to “manipulative mental abuse, excessive sexual abuse, frequent sexual assaults,” even bribing the mentally ill man to “perform sexual favours.”

“I am telling the complete truth. I have no reason to be dishonest,” he said.

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In the at times rambling complaint, the inmate refers to Simmons as a “mental health sheriff” that he first encountered after he was sent to “the Hole.”

“I talked to THERESA SIMMONS several times one day she gave me some writing paper with a short letter that said, ‘MAMA wants to see your BBC every time I come to visit with you my king,” the inmate wrote. “I didn’t know what I was supposed to do.”

The inmate claimed Simmons would sometimes “knock on my door with her breasts exposed … so when I wake up her breasts are the first thing I see.” He then gave a detailed description of the defendant’s nipples and a tattoo “above her right breast.”

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“In mid-October early Nov she wrote me a letter telling me it's ok for me to show her my penis, and that she was tired of her husband and his missionary sex. And that her vagina is dripping wet every time she sees me. And that I have to start doing as MAMA says,” court documents said.

“I figured I have to listen to her. Because she liked me even though I tell her the truth that I hear voices in my head, and that I have three people living in my head and that I see spirits and sometimes she would control [sic] me and talk to me in my head.”

“She would also write me and tell me she wants to ‘f*** the sh** out of me.’ She would also tell me she can lose [sic] her license for telling me that. But I don’t understand what a driver's license has to do with sex,” the inmate wrote.

The inmate further claimed that Simmons called him “her personal sex slave.”


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