Feisty dolphin ‘lunges on top of swimmers’ in spate of attacks leaving 6 injured

A rampaging dolphin has left a swimmer needing 14 stitches and injured five more in a spate of attacks.

Police are stopping beachgoers enter the water along the Fukui prefecture on the Sea of Japan coast following bloody interactions with an adult Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin.

Since the end of July people have left the water in the region with wounds despite remaining within 32feet of the shore.

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Two victims attacked on the same day at Koshino were men in their 40s and both taken to hospital for treatment to their minor injuries.

An unnamed man in his 60s was just 13feet from the shore at Takasu beach when he was bitten on his right arm and pushed underwater.

He said: “I’d heard about the dolphin on the news and was going to get out of the water immediately if I saw it, but by the time I noticed it, it was right next me.”

The man added that he tried to pull the the dolphin’s jaws open to release his arm, but as it refused to let go the dolphin tried to force itself on top of him to push him underwater water.

“I panicked, but I was saved when someone nearby drove it away,” he said.

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Japanese newspaper, Mainichi Shimbun reports that the attacks prove dolphins in the area are now worryingly used to humans joining them in shallow water.

Despite a high-tech attempt to tackle the problem with an underwater device that emits ultrasonic waves, the boisterous dolphin has still gone for two people as though the deterrent has not installed.

The most badly injured swimmer was rushed from Koshino beach to hospital, where they received 14 stitches after having their hand gnawed on.

Police officers are now patrolling the sun-seeker have and issuing leaflets to warn people of the dangerous dolphin until the end of the month when the beach closes.

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Dolphins are known to only become aggressive towards humans to defend themselves, according to Masaki Yasui from the area's the tourism promotion department.

The argument is backed up by clips of idiotic swimmers trying to touch the Fukui dolphin.

Masaki told AFP: “There are certain body parts where dolphins don’t like to be touched, like the tip of their nose and their dorsal fin.

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“We encourage visitors to watch the dolphin from afar if they come across it.”

Rather than the attacks being from a number of dolphins experts at a local aquarium in Fukui said victim descriptions are all of the same one — first spotted in April.

A local café owner said dolphins nudging swimmers has spiralled “to the point that they’re lunging on top of them”.


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