Exact date mini October heat surge of 23C will reach Britain – maps

A plume of high pressure is set to follow the feared Storm Agnes just hours after she wreaks chaos across the UK. 

The Met Office has confirmed England will be treated to some settled weather from at least Friday onwards after Wednesday and Thursday will see Storm Agnes’s 80mph winds hitting exposed and coastal areas.

Encroaching from the west, the storm will be a tale of two halves as it batters the Republic of Ireland first on Wednesday morning, before journeying east to hit northern Scotland, England and the south west. 

But after a near-24 hour battering, a warm spell will move in.

A spokesman for the Met Office said: “As we move towards the weekend, a ridge of high pressure from the south is expected to bring a period of more settled weather, though some showers could continue in northern and western areas for a time.”

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Jim Dale, a meteorologist for British Weather Services, said intial maps and models had pointed to a more prolonged period of heat in early October.

But as always, as the event draws closer, confidence grows – and at the moment it is Sunday, October 1 which is set to see highs of up to 24C hitting central parts of England. 

Speaking to Express.co.uk, he said: “I am looking at Sunday in the south-east reaching 22C to 23C – but it’s a short-lived affair. 

“But still, it will be pleasant – it will be the calm after the storm. Into next week, there will be a north-south split – the south-east is not seeing very much in the way of wind and rain – just temperate temperatures until mid-October.

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“There will be enough pleasant days – but we won’t go into an Indian summer as we’ll need a few days linked together – where as at the moment it just looks like a day or two.”

The Met Office’s long-range forecast paints a mixed picture for the nation. From this Saturday to October 9 it says: “A changeable pattern is likely through this period, with perhaps a fairly settled start across most parts of the UK, excluding northern areas, where showers are likely to continue, especially in the north-west.

“As the period progresses, a north-west, south-east split is likely to develop, with perhaps prolonged spells of rainfall and windy conditions arriving to the west and north-west, while an overall dry theme is possible in the east and southeast.

“Any prolonged settled conditions are likely to deteriorate later into the period, general conditions becoming more changeable with a mixture of rain, showers and some strong winds, interspersed with some drier interludes.

“Temperatures are expected to be close to or slightly above average through the period, with some cold nights.”

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