Ex adult star Mia K slaps down Twitter account she brands ‘groomer and predator’

Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa has said it's "dangerous to simply say sex work is empowering" as she brands those who encourage young women into the industry as "groomers and a predators".

Khalifa, who became world famous after starring in an x-rated video wearing a hijab, got drawn into a Twitter debate about sex work.

"If you think you should be encouraging 18-year-olds to enter the sex work industry, then I have news for you… you’re not an activist for sex work, you’re a groomer and a predator," she wrote in response to a tweet appearing to generally glorify sex work.

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"Sex work is work. work w[ith] a big imprint too," wrote the user, whom Khalifa quote tweeted, branding a "groomer".

Earlier in the exchange, Khalifa quote tweeted another message saying that "feminists keep saying sex work is empowering" and said it's dangerous to generalise sex work, because it is more complicated than being purely positive or negative.

The 29-year-old wrote: "It’s so dangerous to simply say sex work is empowering. Because I would never say that to an 18-year-old who’s digital footprint hasn’t been tainted by mistakes yet."

The whole to and fro was started by a viral message that said Khalifa's "valid critiques" of the industry are often overlooked.

In response another message that stated that the Lebanese-American seemed to "blame everyone but herself for her own participation in the industry" in a BBC interview she offered more context.

"I’ve since said I I was too young to speak on it when I did that interview. I’m almost 30 now… I’m 4 years deeper into therapy and know myself / my opinions better.

"This journey hasn’t been linear, I’ve gone back and forth between accountability and shame a lot," she wrote.

Khalifa spent just three months working in the porn industry before leaving in 2015.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 live’s Inzy Rashid and Calum MacDonald in April 2018, she said she received death threats from ISIS after she filmed a porn scene wearing a hijab.

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Khalifa, who was raised as Catholic by Lebanese parents, said the idea to wear the hijab came from the film producers.

“I was approached at a very vulnerable point in my life,” Khalifa said in an interview on how she entered the industry, getting offered a contract by the production company Bang Bros.

“I went back and shot a scene, and it was terrifying and temporarily validating, but afterwards I felt a little empty.

"Though I still had that pit in my stomach where I wanted to chase that validation again… I think what made me go back and do it again was that the attention I was receiving, I was afraid it would go away if I didn’t do what I was asked to do.”


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