Evil paedo castrated after raping 8-year-old so badly her womb was removed

An evil paedophile has been forcibly castrated after he raped his eight-year-old stepdaughter, which caused so much physical pain doctors had to remove her womb.

Berik Zholdasov subjected the girl to three years of horrifying abuse, which started when she was just five years of age, a court in Kazakhstan heard.

Disgusting Zholdasov, who had been married four times, had threatened to kill the youngster if she told her mother.

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A judge has since sentenced paedo Zholdasov to 25 years in a maximum security prison as well as a "forcible chemical castration" procedure that the mother of the abused girl said was "not enough for this pervert".

Sicko Zholdasov had sent the girl to school bleeding and splashed with iodine after the brutal sex attacks, with one attack on the eight-year-old being in front of her brother, five.

The girl's mother, named as Raykhan, said: "My daughter told me she was dizzy because of falling off a building block. I did not understand.

"I lifted her, she was bleeding down there. Right after this, the monster approached me, confessed, and asked for forgiveness. I lost consciousness because of the shock.

"When I came round there were several knives in front of me and he asked me to kill him for what he had done."

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The girl was rushed to hospital after the mother called an ambulance, where the eight-year-old's life was in danger, with her womb surgically removed due to chronic internal damage.

Raykhan added: "Twenty-five years in prison and chemical castration – I would say that this is not enough for this pervert. But God sees everything."

The girl is described as deeply traumatised and is being given psychological support, while Malika Zhusupova, director of Komek crisis centre, said the paedophile had abused a previous stepdaughter.

She said: "In his third marriage, he tried to rape his three year old stepdaughter. So that her mother would not raise a fuss about this, his relatives paid this woman 500,000 tenge (£860)."

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