EuroMillions babe Jane Park ‘to make second million’ selling saucy OnlyFans pics

EuroMillions beauty Jane Park has enjoyed her most successful month on OnlyFans – and could be one track to make her second million on the saucy platform, it has been claimed.

Jane recently boasted on her Insta Stories that March was her "biggest earning month since starting OnlyFans" and her pals are saying she's having loads of success on the platform.

She set up the page around June 2019 and insiders claim she's been flooded with requests for racy snaps ever since.

"It’s completely unexpected," they told the Scottish Sun. "It’s crazy. The £30 a month is for being on her OnlyFans profile.

"People can pay an extra £50 for topless images and she donates the cash to charity. The profile gives her £45,000 a month for holidays, nights out and clothes."

Jane previously said she feels "empowered" by her OnlyFans work but has ruled out a career in the adult industry where raunchy content can be accessed publicly.

In a series of tweets back in 2019, Jane said: "Feel so empowered! I've been selling topless pictures online to men desperate to see my boobs for £50+ & donated the money to charity.

"I feel like RobinHood, taking from wealthier men wanting to perve & giving to less wealthy who want to eat. #Empowerment #Robinhood."

In March last year, the EuroMillions beauty boasted she'd already made more than £25,000 selling topless pictures.

A screenshot of her OnlyFans account showed she has banked £25,103.79 ($32,463.20) from raunchy snaps of her boobs.

She then went on to say that you have to "own" it if you want to be successful.

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She said: "So many messages about OnlyFans, if you're a girl and you want to make one you have to own it and you have to be comfortable with everyone knowing and you have to promote it in some way.

"My opinion is who gives a f***, do whatever you want and don't let anyone tell you any different.

"It's not for everyone but people have something to say regardless so do what makes you happy."

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Jane scooped £1million aged just 17 on the EuroMillions, making her Britain's youngest winner, and has enjoyed spending the cash on plush designer garb, plastic surgery and flashy motors.

She recently spent three months in Dubai where she has been subjected to online abusers slamming her for the trip.

Never one to let the haters get her down, though, Jane partied on as she ignored those criticising her.

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When she first set up her OnlyFans account, she was also slammed by people online for selling the saucy content but brushed off the criticism then as well.

Jane said: "I seem to get whinged at regardless of what I do. When I didn’t work I would have people thinking I didn’t deserve my money.

"Now I do something online and earn money I still get whinged at. I can’t win."

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