‘Elon Musk’s madness threatens Twitter’s very existence’, tech expert warns

New Twitter expert Elon Musk could delete the social media app by mistake, a tech expert has claimed.

Tech billionaire Musk completed his £37billion takeover of the site last month, and has since set about sacking thousands of staff, and ordering those who remain to “refine” the way the site and its apps work.

But earlier this week he was ridiculed for turning off all of the Android app's “micro services”, rendering the most commonly used form of secure login – Two Factor Authentication – dead.

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Normally, a user would get a text sent to them with a code to input when logging into the site in either a new location or for the first time, but turning off the micro services meant that the system Twitter uses to send out the codes was turned off.

This meant that millions of people couldn't access their own accounts should they happen to log out.

It also ties in with Musk changing the way the verification system works, as well as adding, removing and then re-adding an “official” label to certain accounts.

A leading tech expert has exclusively told the Daily Star that the “entire tech industry” is waiting for the founder of Tesla to “incidentally” delete the entire site.

Speaking to the Daily Star, but remaining anonymous for fear of “Musk's army of trolls” hunting them down, they said: “This is becoming utter madness.

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“He's experimenting with the site in real-time, but has no actual clue what he's doing – and he's sacked those who did.

“There is a very real chance that all of this tinkering is going to end up with him deleting the website by mistake with no chance of being able to get it back.

“Musk in genuinely threatening the very existence of the social media site, which some people in certain countries rely on as a lifeline for vital information – such as in times of war, or in countries where access to free media is limited.

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“The entire technology community is sitting back, waiting for him to f*** this up so badly, and it will happen at some point.”

Musk is thought to be worth around $198billion (£165billion), and has plunged a large portion of his fortune into reviving the social media app.

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