Elon Musk posts ‘sex tape’ online and sends fans wild with raunchy tweet

Business magnate Elon Musk, 51, has taken to Twitter to share his "sex tape", sending fans wild with the raunchy tweet early this morning.

Taking to Twitter, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO shared an image that he labelled as his "sex tape", to the delight of his millions of followers.

Musk's "sex tape" racked up over 150,000 likes and tens of thousands of retweets, marking it as one of the most viral images of tape ever published on the popular social media app.

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Two rolls of tape made up Musk's "sex tape", which he positioned in a fashion to look like the sexual innuendo associated with the number "69".

Fans of Musk were delighted by the tweet, with one user calling it the "Best. Clickbait. Ever." and another said the joke was "so bad that if I bought Twitter I would ban you for it".

Musk's sense of humour has often delighted his millions of followers, with a series of viral and strange tweets from the 51-year-old taking the social media app by storm.

Over a decade ago, Musk released one of his finest and funniest tweets, which he replied to eight years later to explain.

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Taking to the app in 2011, Musk had tweeted: "Sew one button, doesn't make u a tailor; cook one meal, doesn't make u a chef; but f* one horse and u r a horsef*er for all of history…"

Letting that joke settle in for a good eight years, Musk expanded on the viral tweet from the early years of Twitter's history after eight years of silence.

He eventually replied to his own tweet, clearing the air once and for all, saying: "I was always crazy on Twitter fyi".

Explaining that a little further on July 30, Musk again hit it big with hundreds of thousands of likes on his tweet reading: "Some people are no nonsense, but, personally, I like a little nonsense."

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