Elle Brooke swings back at overconfident piece of trash blasting by AJ Bunker

Elle Brooke has been labelled an “overconfident piece of trash” by a former rival, but the OnlyFans star has swung back.

Love Island star AJ Bunker has been outspoken with her criticism of Elle and has backed rival Faith Ordway to take the win.

AJ and Elle have a history of their own. The two fought each other in the summer of 2022 after Elle had been due to fight fellow OnlyFans star Astrid Wett.

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There wasn’t much love lost between the two and, now ahead of Brooke Vs Ordway on January 14, AJ has been quick to share where her loyalties lie.

AJ’s comments came when she responded to a post by Misfits Boxing, which asked fans to weigh in on who they thought would win out of the pair.

AJ said: “Faith all the way! Can’t wait to watch her humble that overconfident piece of trash Elle Brooke!

“The girl doesn’t deserve the first W on her record and wants to boast about being undefeated in what was a shocking easy fight for her!

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“Jan 14th can’t come soon enough!!”

Not one to be put down through, Elle wasted no time in posting her response.

She posted a screen grab of AJ’s post and captioned it herself with a row of six cry-laughing emojis.

She also seems to have implied some hypocrisy on the part of AJ by posting the well-known meme that sees two people dressed as Spiderman pointing at one another.

Elle wasn’t the only one to swing back at AJ though, with one user responding to her comment.

The user said: “I don't know about that Elle never held gloves a day in her life and still beat you, not to mention you are clearly better than Astrid who pulled out.

“Elle also ducked you at first so her beating you is far more impressive. You can't just make excuses. She beat you fair and square.”

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