Elle Brooke slams boxing rival after wild brag about brothers’ 10-inch penises

OnlyFans star Elle Brooke has slammed her next boxing opponent after the Polish influencer made a bizarre brag about her brothers' penises.

The porn star was drawn in a fight against Polish influencer Ola Danielka in the first round of KingPyn's High Stakes influencer boxing tournament.

Danielka, whose real name is Aleksandra Daniel, was a contestant on the third series of Love Island Poland while studying as a journalism student in her home country.

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The two appeared amicable as they hugged when the draw was announced but things quickly turned sour after Danielka said she wouldn't have touched Elle if she'd known about her porn career.

Elle then hit back in a fiery video on Instagram. The caption read: "Get your translator to translate this @ms.danielka…

"I am coming to make videos in Poland with all the men in your family x."

Things have now got weirder as Danielka responded with: "As far as I know, your record is 10 inch, my brothers have much more. Practice a bit and welcome to Poland.

"But seriously…my brothers wouldn't touch you, you are disgusting. Say what do you want, but don't involve my family." [sic]

She concluded: "My longer answer coming soon, Goodnight."

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Elle barbed back in disbelief. "How do you know your brothers have more than 10 inches? Are you speaking from experience?" she asked.

"Nah this girl is not real man hahahah."

Danielka dug her hole deeper, responding that she knows because of "well-known Slavic genetics".

"Unlike you, I don't have to measure it. Especially for clickbait headlines on Pornhub. Better take care of your stepbrothers," she added.

That, thankfully, was the end of the exchange for now.

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