Elle Brooke shows fans ‘big toe that looks like a thumb’ after horror injury

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    OnlyFans star Elle Brooke has caused a stir on Instagram by revealing a horror toenail injury.

    In the post, she revealed her toenail had come off, describing it as "looking like a really ugly thumb".

    She had along with a pic that she does not "have them painted because my big toenail is currently off."

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    She hinted that her injury came from "boxing", perhaps alluding to scenes last week (November 11) when she donned boxing gear and asked if any of her adoring male fans would be willing to receive a right hook.

    It was part of a challenge in which her fans were competing to land a date with her with footage posted on her YouTube channel and titled 'Elle Brooke Vs 20 Guys!'

    The star tasked herself with whittling down a selection of men to one potential suitor.

    Her human punching bag and superfan John gladly volunteered, duly receiving a jab to the chin which he said was a "strong punch".

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    Showing her toe to the fans, her toenail appears to be in the early stages of growing back.

    She said: "I'll show you what it looks like now because it's actually looking a lot better. Look at it. Look! It came off and now it's like a thumb.

    "I'm not showing you the rest of my feet because it's disgusting.

    "Maybe a couple more months and i can paint it… the perks of boxing."

    The star has recently been making gains with her physique, and recently showed off her impressive muscles in an Instagram post.

    Elle has been recently been following a move into the world of boxing and recently called out fellow adult content creator Astrid Wett for "ducking her" offer of a fight.


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