Elle Brooke says ‘killing Astrid Wett’s career is the best thing I’ll ever do’

OnlyFans model Elle Brooke has served up more trash talk ahead of her boxing clash with rival Astrid Wett, threatening to ruin her career.

Elle and Astrid are set to fight at the O2 in London on July 16 and have been trading insults, with Elle saying she’ll “f***ing kill” Astrid in the boxing ring.

The pair both pose for racy snaps and videos for subscribers on their OnlyFans accounts, and also support rival football teams; Elle often poses in Manchester City strips, while Astrid is a frequent visitor to Stamford Bridge to follow Chelsea.

Now, in a short interview with iFL TV full of trash talk, Elle slammed her rival content creator and spoke candidly about why she’d accepted the fight, noting: “A, I got offered a lot to do it, and B, why can’t women do what men do?”

The model was also clear that she has not forgiven Astrid for a “doxing” incident – where she revealed personal information about Elle online.

“I think any apology to doxing me is never going to be accepted in my eyes. Her, lights out on the floor, killing her career is the best thing I’m ever going to do,” she suggested.

“Obviously we have a bit of internet beef, there was that strong general dislike beforehand and then we were offered to the boxing and it was like, ‘yes, I get to kill this c*** without any repercussions from the police.”

In preparation for the bout, the adult performer has been training with Mark Tibbs, a trainer who once worked with heavyweight title contender Dillian Whyte. She claimed that this decision was a sign of how likely she is to win the scrap.

“He wouldn’t have worked with me if he didn’t see something in me. I carry his reputation on my head. He wouldn’t have trusted me and trained me if he didn’t think I have the potential, so do not f***ing underestimate me,” she said.

And, although she dismissed any rumours of a rematch following the fight, Elle acknowledged that she had enjoyed the transition into boxing.

“I like fighting, this is me… Ever since I started boxing, I’m mentally fitter… I’m really happy and I do see the future in boxing," she claimed.

“I’m not scared to get punched in the face, and I think that’s where people might see me differently because people expect this to be an absolute cat fight, and it might be from Astrid but it won’t be from me.

“I don’t mind getting my nose broken, I’ll just get a f***ing nose job, it’s not that deep.”

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