Edmonton road crews have filled more than 15,000 potholes this year

More than 15,000 potholes have been filled in Edmonton so far this year, which is more than double the number that had been filled just two weeks ago.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the City of Edmonton said 15,615 potholes have been filled in 2020. That’s on par with this time last year, according to the city.

However, at least one local autobody shop says it’s seen more vehicles with pothole damage this year than in the past five years.

“A lot of tire and wheel damage,” said Bill Flynn, owner of Integra Tire Auto Centre in south Edmonton.

“Punctures that can’t be repaired, so the tires have to be replaced and sometimes it can get pretty expensive for the client, because if it’s an all-wheel drive vehicle, a lot of time all four tires have to be replaced.

“We’ve also noticed a lot of steering and suspension components that are broken, springs snapping.”

Flynn said he’s seen a steady stream of about two to three vehicles per week at the shop. The priciest repair came in at about $2,000.

“A lot of the potholes are fairly big that if you can’t dodge them, they are doing pretty extensive damage,” Flynn said.

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