Dog plays dead and gives owner ‘mini heart attack’ after helping himself to jam

A cheeky puppy gave its owner a "mini-heart attack' after he managed to cover himself in bright red watermelon jam and started playing dead in the kitchen.

Pictures of Candy the Corgi covered in jam have gone viral on social media, amassing more than 347,000 likes and 184,000 comments on Facebook from dog fans who "fell for" the pups trick.

At first glance, Candy can be seen laying down on the kitchen floor with his face turned away from the camera, covered in a red substance.

The goo can also be seen smeared all around him, with a trail of the substance leading off to some cabinets.

Candy looks lifeless in the picture, but don’t worry, it’s just a prank, and in a second image he can be seen full of energy.

He can even be seen sticking his tongue out at the camera as his owners hold him up.

In a post on Candy The Corgi’s Facebook page, his owners reveal the goo isn’t blood, but jam from a watermelon.

Candy had broken into the family supply and helped himself, frightening his owners no end when they discovered him.

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Thousands fell for the prank initially, with on commenting: “Oh god, I had to double take, this was terrifying!”

A second fumed: “Don’t ever do that to me again, my heart skipped!”

While a third added: “JESUS! I would go crazy if this were me, what a silly dog!”

Thankfully, several found the funny side, “had to check the date, thought this was April Fools Day,” one said.

With a second adding: “Hahaha, this was AMAZING! Love this page.”

Candy the Corgi has over 57,000 followers on his Facebook page, where the pup's owners regularly document the dogs adventures.

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