Desperate Putin removes age limit for Ukraine conscripts as forces decimated

Russian President Vladimir Putin has removed the upper age limit for the Russian National Guard in Ukraine, as his army continues to suffer crippling losses.

The decree, signed on March 27 could pave the way for a geriatric army trying to advance into Ukrainian territory.

Russia created the National Guard, or Rosgvardia, in 2016 which is separate from the Russian Armed Forces and reports directly to Putin.

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National Guard soldiers are increasingly being relied on to fight in the war as Russia continues to suffer heavy casualties.

Many who are part of the force have been sacked for refusing to fight.

According to the decree, Russian citizens serving in the annexed territories of Ukraine will have a military medical examination to determine whether they are fit to serve.

In a speech on Russia's National Guard Day, Putin described their key objectives as "countering terrorism, extremism and organised crime, guarding significant strategic facilities, maintaining law and order during mass events, and monitoring the arms trade."

He added: "These are all complicated and highly responsible aspects of your work requiring high professionalism and a systemic approach, strict compliance with the law and a constant commitment to achieving specific and tangible results in the interests of maintaining the security of our society and state and reliably protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens."

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It remains to be seen whether this new change in policy could see significantly older soldiers taking up arms.

If they were to, it would surely be the latest sign of Mad Vlad's catastrophic miscalculation in invading Ukraine.

But he appears to be doubling down and said the National Guard "are acting boldly and resolutely; they are defending Russia, our citizens, and they are fighting bravely, displaying fortitude and an intrepid spirit in the most difficult situations."

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Only a couple of months into the war, which Putin still prefers to call a 'special military operation', some 115 members of the Russian Guard were sacked for refusing to fight.

Meanwhile, Western supplied state-of-the-art tanks are continuing to be shipped to Ukraine in a move that has infuriated the Kremlin.

The war, which recently passed it's one year anniversary, shows no signs of abating.


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