Denver police cite private security companies in fatal protest shooting by unlicensed guard

Two private security companies connected to the fatal shooting of a protester in Denver last month by an unlicensed security guard will face municipal code violations.

Denver police on Wednesday announced that officers cited the companies, Pinkerton and Isborn Security, for employing or directing the unlicensed guard, Matthew Dolloff. Denver regulations require that security guards and security companies maintain licensing with the city and leaders with the two companies could face a maximum of $999 in fines and 300 days in jail for the violation.

Dolloff on Oct. 10 was providing security services for Denver journalists working for television station 9News when he shot and killed protester Lee Keltner after an altercation. Dolloff is facing a charge of second-degree murder in connection to the shooting. His attorney has said he acted in self-defense.

9News contracted with Pinkerton for security services that day and Pinkerton subcontracted with Isborn Security, which sent Dolloff to the gig. 9News management has said the station did not know Dolloff was armed.

Denver police did not answer a question as to whether 9News will face a citation as well. A spokesman said the incident is still under investigation.

The citations are separate from any decision the city’s Department of Excise and Licensing makes about the companies’ licenses.

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