‘Deliverance’ inbred family whose eyes point in different directions get trims

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    The famous “inbred Deliverance” family have been for trims at the local salon.

    From the town of Odd, West Virginia, US, the Whittakers have shot to internet stardom through the work of Mark Laita of Soft White Underbelly.

    He has followed the family for some time, documenting “America’s most inbred family’s” progress as they go about their lives.

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    Once describing meeting the family as the "craziest thing I'd ever seen," he has become a friend to them and has now even taken them all out for a haircut.

    Accompanied by his assistant, he drove the family to a barbers to get them all a trim and a hair wash.

    The family, who have a number of physical irregularities such as eyes that point in wildly different directions and have to use walking sticks, looked a little concerned as they made their way there.

    Down at the Appalachian Barbershop and Salon in Beckley, West Virginia (which was due to close shortly after the video was shot), the family got beard trims and tidy-ups.

    Everything largely goes smoothly with Ray, who communicates through a series of barks, even getting his beard trimmed into a smart shape, but as the clippers closed in on the moustache area he found it uncomfortable and struggled in his seat, even trying to get up.

    Another member of the family, Betty, tried to keep him sat but he managed to get out of the chair and tried to pull off his clothes cover.

    “He won't let anybody touch his moustache,” Betty warns, at which point Mark tells the barber to steer well clear of Ray’s lip hair.

    “He won’t let nobody touch, no,” she adds.

    When the trim was done – moustache in tact – Ray was noticeably buzzing, making a series of upbeat yips and yaps in a clear sign of his excitement.

    Betty is the last to go and comes out with a lovely flowing trim, “yeah, I like it,” she says.

    Fresh trims all around, they hop into the back of Mark’s truck and make the 25-minute drive back home to Odd.

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