Daily Star climbs terrifying 100ft O2 in ultimate test for thrillseekers

Thrillseekers have been offered the chance to climb one of the world's most popular stadiums, which has hosted the likes of Beyonce, the Rolling Stones and Rihanna inside – but none of them have managed to venture to the very top.

The 02 measures a staggering 52 meters (170 feet) in height and offers breathtaking views of London's skyline.

And while most people would opt to take in the city through the safe windows of a restaurant, we decided to take the ultimate test and climb the 02.

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As I and my colleague Benedict exited North Greenwich Station, excitement was quickly turning to dread as my head slowly looked up at the staggering height.

When we arrived, we were greeted by friendly staff members and sat in a room which soon became full of mainly families inside.

As we turned to each other and saw young teens, the idea of pulling out became less of an option and we decided to get kitted up before we headed outside.

Shortly after having a talk with the guide, we decided to go first under the assumption that if it was as terrifying as it seemed, then we would want to get it over and done with and escape to the relative safety of solid ground.

As we stepped on the spongy blue platform we were fuelled with adrenaline as the walkway had a harsh incline of 28 degrees.

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We barely took the time to look around and left that to the part where we were given time out of the 90 minute adventure, to browse the 360 views at the top.

Benedict, who is afraid of heights, surprisingly enjoyed the experience and managed to look down and around at the historic view of Greenwich.

Just getting to the top was a great workout, and the guide's witty and interesting facts added to the overall experience.

It was steep, but we felt secure and found peace in knowing that it wasn't just us who were scared, as we joked with the father and daughter behind us.

Once at the top, we got to take it all in as the breeze rushed through our hair while we stood staring at the Olympic Park and Tower Bridge, with a glass of champagne at hand.

However, getting down made me anxious after I realised that it involved a steeper decline of a horrifying 30 degrees.

This time, we positioned ourselves right at the back as we made our last steps – it took us a bit longer, but we eventually completed the daring feat.

Speaking after the experience, Benedict said: "As someone who's afraid of heights I'd be lying if I said there wasn't some dread mixed in with my excitement before the climb!

"I did wonder whether I'd end the day bouncing off the roof of the Millennium Dome, and it looked so much bigger when we came out of the tube station than I had imagined.

"But in the end I loved every moment of it. The views were fantastic, you can see all of Canary Wharf and the former docklands area around the Thames, and it's rare to get that kind of vantage point in London without having to peer out of some glass.

"The whole experience is like climbing a hill or a very manageable mountain, but even better because there's a glass of bubbly waiting for you at the top!"

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