Dad chained to car dragged to his death before lifeless body is dumped in pit

A young farmworker has been brutally beaten unconscious and dragged across gravel until he died.

The victim's co-worker wrapped up the spate of terror by dumping the lifeless body into a manmade rubbish pit.

This brutal scene look place in the North Island of New Zealand.

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William Mark Candy, one of the workers who participated in the brutal murder uttered “This piece of s***’s not going anywhere,” before he grabbed a short length of chain with a carabiner on the end.

As he fastened the chain around Jacob Mills Ramsay’s ankle and told the 33-year-old father: “You’re going on a trip down to the hole,” referring to a dump pit on the site.

Candy then jumped back behind the wheel of a car and drove forward, dragging Ramsay’s “limp and floppy” body behind him for one kilometre.

Ramsay was not found until two days later, at the rural Upper Kina Rd property in Oaonui, South Taranaki.

Candy, Ethan Webster and a third person were all charged with his murder.

Last week, the three men appeared in the High Court at New Plymouth, where they pleaded guilty to murder. Candy also pleaded guilty to kidnapping Ramsay.

A document spanning over 10 pages was released yesterday, detailing the horrific details of Ramsay’s last moments and how his life came to an end.

The murder took place only weeks before his wife Sarah was due to give birth to their third child together.

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It has been alleged that Ramsay racked up a debt with the two men, resulting in him owing an undisclosed sum of money.

On the night of the murder, Ramsay was out in the local town and messaged another farmer asking for a lift. When Candy heard of this, he instructed the farmworker to continue messaging Ramsay so he could find him and confront him about the alleged money.

Candy located the victim and greeted him with a punch to the face, knocking off his glasses and smashing them, which were later found by police.

As Ramsay attempted to defend himself, Candy launched a savage attack.

It was reported that Candy used his knee to keep him pinned to the ground and repeatedly punched and kicked him before stuffing him in a car and taking him back to the farm.

Candy and Webster are in custody and will be sentenced early next year.

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