Cruel hunters killing majestic animals for trophies in sick slaughter ‘Oscars’

Hunters are killing exotic animals to win trophies in a cruel contest.

Members of Safari Club International can earn plaques and statues by shooting a “hit list” of creatures.

Thousands of hunters have claimed prizes, with more than 250 bagging an award for killing more than 100 different creatures.

The club’s Record Book lists over 200,000 animals killed last year, including 150 protected species.

Nearly 800 hunters have won the African Big Five prize, which requires killing a lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and buffalo.

And 500 have been presented with Safari Club International’s Cats Of The World prize for killing species such as cheetah, leopard and cougar.

There are also prizes awarded for targeting different species of bear.

The awards have been revealed by anti-hunting campaigner Eduardo Goncalves, founder of the Campaign To Ban Trophy Hunting, in new book Trophy Leaks.

He said: “The hunting industry is fuelling mass slaughter of some of the world’s most threatened animals with sick prizes.

“It will stop at nothing to protect so-called hunters’ rights, even if it means driving threatened species to the brink of extinction.

“Killing animals for pleasure is opposed by a majority of voters and has no place in a civilised society. The sooner the Government bans trophy imports, the better. British hunters and companies involved in this sordid business should be ashamed of themselves.”

We have approached SCI for comment.

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