Covid 19 coronavirus: Four new cases of in managed isolation

There are four new Covid-19 cases today in managed isolation.

There are no new community cases, marking 11 days without a community case, the Ministry of Health reports.

One of the four new cases today is an international mariner staying at the Sudima in Christchurch, detected at day 15 testing as a close contact of a day 6 case. They are now in quarantine.

The other three cases include:

• One case arrived on October 19 from Milan via Singapore and tested positive to routine testing at around day 12. The person is now in the Auckland quarantine facility.

• One case arrived on October 28 from London via Singapore and tested positive to routine testing at around day 3. The person is now in the Auckland quarantine facility.

• One case was detected in managed isolation in Auckland, after being given permission to join a family member recently arrived from overseas. The family member has previously been recorded in our positive case totals.Today’s case will be recorded as an import-related case.

The total number of active cases in New Zealand is 81 – the total number of confirmed cases is now 1607.

International mariners in managed isolation in Christchurch

Yesterday, the ministry’s laboratories completed 3046 tests for Covid-19, bringing the total number of tests completed to date to 1,104,113.

Day 15 testing has been carried out on all group members of the international mariners staying in Christchurch who are already not confirmed cases.

This has resulted in one additional positive case, as noted above. They were already being monitored as a known close contact, the Ministry says.

“We have now had a total of 31 positive cases connected to this group,” the Ministry said in a statement.

“All those who meet our low-risk indicators, which include those who have recovered or have returned consistently negative test results throughout their stay, will be eligible to leave managed isolation from tomorrow, November 3.We will only release individuals when these testing criteria have been met.

“Some individuals in this group have now been tested as many as four times. We want to thank them for their commitment to New Zealand’s testing processes and for contributing to good health outcomes for them and their colleagues.”


There are now 2,336,200 users registered on NZ COVID Tracer app.

There were two new cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand yesterday, both in managed isolation.

Yesterday marked 10 days since there had been a community case and the Christchurch rubbish bin cluster also closed.

The latest cases were detected during routine isolation and testing processes and were now at the Auckland quarantine facility, the Ministry of Health said.

They were a person who arrived from Amsterdam via Singapore on October 23 and another who arrived from the UK via Dubai and Malaysia on October 19.

New Zealand’s total number of active cases is 77 – there have been 1603 cases overall.

The ministry also announced yesterday the Christchurch returnee cluster had been closed.

“It has been more than 28 days since the last case – the length of two infection cycles – and the cluster is now officially closed,” the ministry said.

This cluster began with the report on September 19 of a person who developed symptoms and was tested after finishing 14 days in managed isolation and returning two negative tests on days 3 and 12.

Elsewhere, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced yesterday morning England would be returning to a national lockdown until December 1.

Vitamin C can help severe Covid-19 cases, NZ-led review finds

Vitamin C can help treat patients with severe cases of Covid-19, a Kiwi-led review has found.

But the Otago University researcher behind the study, just published in scientific journal Nutrients, stresses larger studies are needed to give more certainty – and that vitamin C shouldn’t be seen as something that can prevent or cure coronavirus.

Here in New Zealand, sales of oranges, kiwifruit and supplements have surged – something the citrus industry has put down to Kiwis trying to stay healthy amid the Covid-19 crisis.

Prince William ‘secretly battled’ virus

Prince William secretly battled coronavirus earlier this year, but kept the diagnosis a secret in the hope it wouldn’t “alarm the nation”.

According to reports the Duke of Cambridge contracted coronavirus in April and was “struggling to breathe” which created “panic” after he was knocked hard by the virus.

A source told the Sun: “William was hit pretty hard by the virus – it really knocked him for six.

“At one stage he was struggling to breathe, so obviously everyone around him was pretty panicked.

“After seeing medics and testing positive – which was obviously quite a shock given how fit and healthy he is – William was determined it should be business as usual though.”

Prince William is believed to have suffered from Covid-19 days after his dad Prince Charles and Prime Minister Boris Johnson also battled the virus.

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