Couple’s ‘holiday from hell’ after ‘vile’ 5 star trip with ‘bodily fluid stains’

A couple has shared their " holiday from hell " after they spent £3000 on "dirty" hotels which were reportedly splattered with "bodily fluid stains."

Lauren Jones, 37, and her partner Adam Donlevy, 36, said they were expecting a relaxing two-week getaway after booking with Hays Travel in Broughton back in September.

But they said they were left "anxious" after the first part of their trip at a hotel in Singapore left them "unwell" due to the "vile" conditions.

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They had planned for a "holiday of a lifetime" from June 20 to July 5; with five nights at the first accommodation followed by 10 nights in Bali, five in Ubud and five in Seminyak.

Speaking about the first part of her booking, she said: "We did both become unwell in those conditions, with stomach problems. But it's also the fear you're going to contract something else.

"I'm a nurse, I know the things you can contract in those situations.

"It was meant to be the holiday of a lifetime and it was a hellhole. It was literally a holiday from hell."

Following their five-night stay in Singapore, Lauren and Adam arrived at Sthala, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel in Ubud, on June 25, reports Cheshire Live.

She said: "We noticed that Adam's coat had started developing mould on it when it had just been hanging up in the wardrobe. When we looked around the room, we found black mould going up half the walls.

"We turned the cushions over on the outdoor seating part and they were covered in mould. There was just mould everywhere so we had to keep all our clothes in the suitcases."

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They contacted Hays Travel on Tuesday (June 28) to complain about the hotel which was reportedly located in an unsafe area.

Lauren said she was asked why they hadn't contacted them earlier but explained they were both "shocked" and "didn't want to feel more uncomfortable" than they already did.

They went to their next hotel on the Thursday (June 30), which was the Jambuluwuk Oceano Seminyak Hotel in Seminyak. Lauren said the venue was "10 times worse".

"We found the bodily fluids on the bedding and the towels. The pool was actually closed because the roof was falling down and held together with blue rope," she said.

"There's a tiny pool at the top of the hotel, which was green, so you wouldn't want to go in there. We couldn't eat at the hotel because it was just that dirty, it was vile."

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Lauren said that they were eventually moved to the Grand Hyatt Bali Hotel. She said this left them with only two full days of a "truly five star experience."

They arrived home on the Tuesday (July 5) and filed a complaint with Hays Travel, asking for a refund. But Lauren said that as of Tuesday (July 12), no response had been received.

A spokesperson for Hays Travel said: “We were sorry to hear that Miss Jones and her partner were not satisfied with the hotels during their stay in Bali. When Miss Jones made contact from her second hotel and asked to be moved we worked with our overseas supplier to find a suitable alternative which Miss Jones and her partner relocated to.

"We have since passed the details of both properties to our product management team for urgent review and can confirm we have now put these hotels on stop sale. The Broughton team have contacted Miss Jones to offer a refund of both hotels plus an additional goodwill gesture.”

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