Couple blew £7k a month in benefits and left kids covered in poo among 36 dogs

Horrifying pictures from inside a grimy house of horrors where seven children were rescued after being neglected by a couple have been released by police.

Kids aged between four and 17 were stuck inside of the disgusting three-bedroom home where they were forced to share their bedroom with 36 dogs.

One child aged just seven was found wearing nothing but a nappy and was covered in animal faeces asleep on a couch near to a dead dog.

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The rest of the house inhabitants fared no better, with one kid so filthy that officers only realised he was blonde after he was washed several times.

Other members of the rescued bunch were said to have rotten teeth, with homeowners Christopher Bennett, 35, and Gemma Brogan, 41, squandering the £7,000-a-month benefits in a squat-like horror house.

Bennett and Brogan were jailed for six years each after admitting to seven counts of child neglect.

Lewes Crown Court heard that police were responding to a call placed by Bennett from the property, with the 35-year-old claiming he was going to stab Brogan.

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Police were shown on bodycam footage to be wrestling through a horde of dogs, thought to be desperate to escape the grimy house.

With the house featuring "little or no food" and stinking of dog waste, police found an empty fridge, filthy bedding and subsequently arrested Bennett on suspicion of child neglect.

The 35-year-old is said to have been led away from the house by police, with the criminal yelling "you're having a laugh" as he was arrested.

Prosecutor Amy Packham described the scene of the home to the court, saying: "The dogs were incredibly loud. They were all trying to get out.

"The baby was asleep on the sofa even in all that noise. The seven children have been subjected to prolonged and serious neglect, serious cruelty and deliberate disregard for the welfare system. They suffered serious psychological and developmental harm."

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All the children surviving at the home were said to be underweight, pale and could not use a knife or fork, let alone sit at the table.

One child had a total of 13 rotten teeth removed, another could not read or write and a third child is said to have been so neglected that she was incredibly weak, had no social skills and was unsteady on her feet.

Detective Constable Fiona Ashcroft described the state of the house as "unequivocally one of the most awful addresses I have ever been in," The Sun reported.

DC Ashcroft added: "The stench, as you entered the hallway hit officers hard – they were not able to breath normally due to the stench.

"The state of the whole house was shocking and repugnant – it was cluttered and was strewn with discarded clothing, litter, rotting food and animal faeces.

"It is impossible to paint an accurate picture of the full extent of degradation and filth these vulnerable children had to endure."

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