Costumed ‘T. Rex’ caught breaching coronavirus quarantine in Spain

You can walk a dog named Rex under Spain’s coronavirus quarantine rules, but you can’t walk yourself in a T. Rex costume.

Video posted by police in Murcia, Spain shows them scolding someone in a dinosaur costume for breaching a country-wide lockdown meant to stem the spread of the virus.

The threat of the COVID-19 disease is deadly serious, but police still had a bit of fun while sharing footage of the Monday encounter. They added the Jurassic Park theme music to the video, which shows an officer talking to the dinosaur while a police vehicle waits nearby.

It’s unclear what the “dinosaur” says, though it might have been something like: “What seems to be the problem, offisaurus?”

The dinosaur eventually slinks away after seemingly being told to go inside.

In their post, police reminded citizens that they are allowed to go outside if they’re walking a pet, but not if they’re wearing a tyrannosaurus rex costume.

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