Coronavirus: Saskatoon priest blesses city from the sky

Things can feel uncertain during the COVID-19 pandemic and it can sometimes be hard to keep hope.

The catholic community in Saskatoon came together to take their faith to new heights on Saturday.

“It’s a tough time for everybody,” St. Anne’s Catholic Church priest Matthew Ramsay said.

“There’s a lot of fear, a lot of anxiety and we’ve been thinking at the church, What do we do to help people get through this?”

Father Ramsay blessed and prayed for Saskatoon as he was flying thousands of feet above the city in a small plane. He brought along the Eucharist to make Jesus present on the roughly 45-minute journey.

“God is as present with us everywhere, wherever we are, of course, but we sometimes imagine him looking down with love,” Father Ramsay said.

“I’ll be looking down with love and I’ll be looking down with as much love I have in me as well.”

Jennifer Nunes’ Our Lady of Fátima statue, also known as the Virgin Mary, was another passenger on board.

“To just know that she’s a sign of hope and love for our community is such a wonderful feeling for our family and our community,” Nunes said.

Other churchgoers saw the plane fly over their homes. The flight wasn’t just meant to spread and celebrate catholicism. Father Ramsay said people of all faiths need to work together and take care of one another through tough times.

“Thinking of those stuck in their homes and not sure what to do. As you fly over the streets, think of those who don’t have homes to be in and what are they doing at this time. Flying over the hospitals, pray for all those who are giving care, those who are sick. Flying over the university, thinking of those working to make a vaccine,” Ramsay said.

St. Anne’s has moved its ministries online. As social distancing is being stressed by government and health officials, Father Ramsay thinks faith and hope can keep us all feeling close.


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