Coronavirus nurse’s heartbreaking plea after working 48hr shift to find no food

A nurse working in a critical care unit broke down in tears after struggling to find food in supermarkets following a 48-hour shift dealing with coronavirus.

Dawn Bilbrough, from York, made a tearful plea yesterday to ask people to "stop stripping basic foods" in a panic over COVID-19 after seeing the empty shelves.

With tears in her eyes, she sat in her car to say: "I had a little cry in there. I'm a critical care nurse and I've just finished 48 hours of work.

"I just want to get some stuff in for the next 48 hours. There's no fruit, there are no vegetables.

"I just don't know how I am supposed to stay healthy. And those people, those people are just stripping the shelves of basic foods.

"You just need to stop it. Because people like me that are going to be looking after you when you're at your lowest, so just stop it."

Her heartbreaking message has been shared more than 21,000 times and people showed support to her as some branded panic-buyers "disgusting".

Others asked Dawn to "stay strong" and offered help to get her some shopping.

Just hours after BBC has posted the clip on Twitter, Dawn now has food and is doing okay.

She also told YorkMix that NHS staff are working together to face the challenge and added: "Morale at work is excellent, we are keeping each other’s spirits up.

"I think we all need to look out for each other at the moment and really work as a team. We can get through this."

Supermarkets including Tesco and M&S have started rationing products and have introduced dedicated hours for NHS and emergency workers to have access to food and other necessities.

Coffee chain Starbucks has said it will offer free hot drinks to all NHS, council and paramedic workers as the country continues to battle the ongoing coronavirus.

It follows Pret and McDonald's decision to offer complimentary drink s in a show of appreciation for health workers.

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