Coronavirus forces Easyjet to ground most of airline’s fleet in just days

EasyJet has said it will "ground the majority" of its fleet of aircrafts from Tuesday as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

It said it will operate rescue flights to "repatriate customers" as "required" by the government and will continue minimal "schedule of essential services."

The minimal scheduled services will mainly involve routes serving the UK, it has been reported.

EasyJet CEO, Johan Lundgren, said: "These are unprecedented times for the airline industry.

"We know how important it is for customers to get home and so are continuing to operate rescue flights over the coming days to repatriate them.

"Significantly reducing our flying programme is the right thing to do when many countries have issued advice to their citizens not to travel unless it is essential and the aircraft groundings will also remove significant levels of variable costs at a time when this remains crucial."

EasyJet said the company will review the schedule on a weekly basis, with a maximum capacity of 10.

The low-cost airline, which operates routes out of all major London airports, will contact passengers booked on flights that will now be cancelled.

The announcement follows decisions in recent days by Ryanair and Jet2 to suspend some of their services.

Earlier this week, Ryanair announced it would be grounding their entire fleet on March 24.

Regional airline FlyBe went bust within days of heightened UK coronavirus measures.

It failed to secure a £100 million loan as a result of COVID-19, taking down 2,000 jobs with it and stranding thousands of customers who used the airline to commute.

In a statement issued at the time of the collapse, the Department for Transport made clear that Flybe's financial problems "pre-date the outbreak of Covid-19".

But acknowledged the virus had made a "bad situation worse" for the regional airline.

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