Coronavirus: Due to lack of equipment, South Okanagan fire department won’t answer medical calls

A small fire department in the South Okanagan says it won’t be responding to medical-related calls due to a lack of personal protective equipment.

The Anarchist Mountain Fire Department, located east of Osoyoos, made the announcement in an open letter via social media on Tuesday.

“Due to the increasing spread of the COVID-19 Virus and the need for the safety of Anarchist Mountain firefighters, we have had to review our response capabilities to medical-related first responder calls,” fire chief Urs Grob said in the letter.

“There is currently a severe shortage throughout the province of adequate personal protective equipment and without this necessary equipment, our responders are unable to meet the current safety protocols put in place.

“As a result of this, we have no choice but to discontinue first responder responses until such time as provincial supplies and directives will allow us to do so.”

Global News has reached out to the fire department for more information.

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