Coronavirus: Backpackers infected in Australia’s Bondi Beach area

Coronavirus has infected “several” backpackers near Australia’s famous Bondi Beach.

The news comes a day after the beach was closed following the gathering of hundreds of people in defiance of “social distancing” rules brought in by the Australian government.

New South Wales Health said: “Several new diagnoses of COVID-19 have been made in backpackers in the Bondi area.

“There were two recent parties that some of the cases attended where the cases may have acquired their infections.

“People who also attended these parties should be on alert for symptoms of COVID-19 and immediately isolate themselves if any symptoms develop.

“They should then seek testing via a GP or COVID clinic, and tell the medical service that they had attended one of the parties.”

Both parties were a week ago at venues near the popular Sydney beach.

The nationalities of the backpackers were not confirmed.

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