Coronavirus: AHS officials now stationed at international arrivals at Calgary airport

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Alberta health officials have been set up at international arrival gates at Calgary International Airport — reinforcing a message of mandatory self-isolation to returning travelers.

Although it can be a daunting sight, Joni Belanger, a Calgarian who recently arrived home from her vacation in Panama, said she appreciates the reinforced messaging.

“I was nervous and I had a lot of anxiety,” Belanger said.

“But it was seamlessly quick and now I will go home and self isolate.”

Steph Love and Scott White also recently returned home from Costa Rica.

They said safety efforts had ramped up substantially in Calgary since they left for their vacation two weeks ago.

“We are self-isolating. There was a lot of reinforcing that. There were at least three different signage we had to agree

to, to get to this point,” White said.

“We’ve been gone for two weeks — when we left it wasn’t a panic.”

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