Coronavirus: 3 cases of COVID-19 announced in Kingston

Dr. Kieran Moore, medical officer of health for KFL&A Public Health, announced Tuesday that there are 3 cases of the novel coronavirus in the Kingston region. These are the first cases to be announced in Kingston.

Moore said all three people, two women, 44 and 62, and a 48-year-old man, tested positive for the disease in the last 24-hours.

All three recently travelled to Barbados, the United Kingdom and to Spain.

Moore said two of those people were tested positive at the dedicated assessment centre at Hotel Dieu hospital, while the other was assessed at another local hospital.

He said all of them are stable and did not have to hospitalized. They are currently self-isolating and showing signs of the disease, such as fever, cough and or some difficulty breathing.

None of these people have any links to any of Kingston’s post-secondary institutions, Moore said.

Moore said right now, health officials are working on “inner close contact group” who have had close contact with the three people who tested positive. He added that two of them did not have any significant contact in the community since their return from travel.

After several hundred tests for the disease over the last few weeks, Moore said only three have tested positive, which should give comfort to those in the city.

He said positive tests were anticipated considering the current spread of the disease.

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