Cops shoot dead man who made threatening 911 calls to ‘blow up’ the world

Police have shot dead a man who alledgldy threatened to “blow up” the world on Saturday (July 9) evening in order to kill many top officials.

The New York Police Depart (NYPD) received multiple threatening 911 calls from the man, who has now been identified as 60-year-old Raul Hardy.

Officers were dispatched to 205-17 116th Ave. in Cambria Heights shortly after 6 pm.

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According to the New York Post, Hardy claimed that he would “change the government” by assassinating New York Governor Kathy Hochul as well as the “PD Chief,” and other top officials.

He then went on to threaten to “blow up” the world, according to police and law enforcement sources.

During a press conference at the scene, Jeffrey Maddrey, NYPD Chief of Patrol said: “He clearly stated that he was going to blow the head off of the first police officers that he saw.

“A short time later he made another 911 call and he basically reiterated the same thing.”

He added that a large group of uniformed officers responded to the call, parked down the street and walked to Hardy’s house with guns drawn.

Hardy left his home but refused to show police his hands or cooperate with their instructions officers demands. He then opens fire on the officers.

Six cops returned fire and Hardy was gunned down. Police attempted to perform CPR but the suspect later died in hospital.

“There was a high volume of rounds fired tonight, probably north of 100,” Maddrey said, while confirming no officers were injured during the incident.

A cousin of Hardy’s told The Post he came to the crime scene after getting a call from another relative who warned that his aunt was in trouble.

His cousin in Washington called me. He told me to go over to my aunt’s house because we think [Hardy] was possibly shot,” said Brian Ware, 56.

“All my life I’ve known him to live there,” Ware said. “Never knew him to have any guns.”

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