Cops offer big reward for most wanted assassin on the run for three years

Dutch cops have put up a £26,700 reward to help catch the country's most wanted assassin.

Gerel Lusiano Palm, 37, has been on the run for nearly three years after escaping from prison.

He disarmed a guard and made his way to the exit holding him at gunpoint on his 12th day in the jail in Paramaribo, Suriname, in March 2017.

He then reportedly fled in a Toyota Mark X that was waiting for him in front of the prison entrance and remains on the run.

Palm has been linked to career-criminal and gang leader Ridouan Taghi and is suspected of numerous crimes throughout the years.

He has been arrested multiple times and served several prison sentences before, including a nine-year stretch after a drug-related revenge shooting in 2001.

Police have also connected Palm to the murder of shop employee Ronald Bakker in the Dutch city of Huizen in 2015 which was believed to have been organised by Taghi.

In this case, Palm was released days after being arrested due to lack of evidence.

It was after this release that Palm decided to move to Suriname, a former Dutch colony in South America, where according to reports, he did very little to hide from the police.

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He was said to have gone out and partied a lot, where people offered him 'a new chance' after a long period of detention in the Netherlands.

A double assassination attempt in the Dutch town of Noordeloos shocked the media in December 2016.

This was followed by the murder of a Dutch crime blogger named Martin Kok just a few days later.

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Palm was suspected of both of these crimes and was soon tracked down and arrested, but only remained in jail for less than two weeks before the grand escape.

The Dutch authorities have now doubled the initial £13,350 reward to £26,700 for anyone who helps them locate Palm, who has been on the run since the escape three years ago.

The appeal has sparked a discussion among residents as well as the authorities about whether Palm is still alive and if he is, how he has managed to disappear for such a long time without leaving a single trace behind.

The manhunt continues.

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