Cleaner receives surprising award after finding £50k stashed in toilet

A cleaner who handed in £50,000 after finding it while cleaning the toilets was left speechless at his reward for finding the large sum of money. Chamindu Amarsinghe was cleaning a ground flood bathroom at a TV company’s building in Melbourne, Australia, when he found the hidden cash notes. Chamindu, who said he was “struggling” financially as a student, immediately called his bosses about the discovery who then in turn alerted the police.

He told the Herald Sun: “There was too much to count — I thought someone was playing a prank on me.

“But when I touched the notes — all yellow and green — I realised it was real money.”

After the police arrived at the scene with a plumber, a further £935 was pulled from the pipes around the toilet.

Explaining his honesty, Chamindu said his first thought was to inform the authorities.

He added: “I just thought, ‘That’s not my money, so I can’t take it away. I don’t know what the hell this money is doing here’.

“Someone could have put it there and planned to come back for it. I didn’t want them to come back for it and find it gone and them come after me.”

Police immediately began investigating how the haul had ended up there and while nobody came forward, they were able to connect the cash to Sydney man Emerald Nguyen, reports The Sun.

He was charged over the proceeds of crime in connection with the mystery cash haul but the charges were later dropped.

Nguyen also signed a notice of abandonment, declaring he had no part to play in the cash haul.

After three years of waiting for the cash to be claimed, Chamindu was told by magistrate Michael Smith that he would be able to keep £40,000 – with the rest going to the state.

Mr Smith said: “There’s no reason why such honesty should go unrewarded.”

The lucky cleaner called the money a “blessing”, adding: “I just want to spend my life in a normal way, find a job in IT and carry out that dream.”

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