Chilling map shows WW3 could decimate entire planet in horror nuclear winter

Experts have warned that a nuclear World War Three would see the UK "cease to exist" and the entire planet engulfed in a "nuclear winter" with no safe havens.

The topic of nuclear Armageddon is in the news again following Russian President Vladimir Putin's speech escalating his invasion of Ukraine on Wednesday (September 21).

The tyrant leader said Russia "will certainly use all the means at our disposal" in response to what he said was "nuclear blackmail" from the West and those trying to "subjugate" Russia.

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"This is not a bluff," he claimed.

Although there are no indications that Putin will follow through on his threats for now, experts have spoken to the Daily Star about what could happen if Mad Vlad goes nuclear.

There is also a terrifying map produced at the height of the Cold War that lays bare what the devastating effects would be.

Professor Campbell Craig from Cardiff University reckons hoping the US would destroy Russian missiles in time is "optimistic" and chillingly conceded most Western cities would be powerless.

He told the Daily Star: "If a nuclear war broke out between NATO and Russia and escalated to a general war, most cities in Russia, Europe, and the US would be targeted and destroyed. The UK would basically cease to exist.

"Things can go wrong and the US might be able to intercept some missiles or destroy some of the Russian arsenal before it is launched, but that's optimistic."

His bleak outlook is echoed by Harvard Kennedy School's Professor Matthew Bunn who said even those in the most remote corners of the Earth could be impacted by nuclear warfare.

Prof Bunn told the Daily Star that "the capitals and major cities of the major nuclear-armed states" would be the first to go.

He continued: "But the effects could affect everyone – not only because our societies are so interconnected (as COVID has shown us) but because the smoke from burning cities could rise into the upper atmosphere, darken the sun, and create a 'nuclear winter' that could interfere with agriculture globally."

Professor Andrew Futter at the University of Leicester agrees that the impact of one nuclear blast – let alone several – would reach far beyond the cities blown to pieces.

He said: "Even a small use of nuclear weapons would have significant global consequences. Two relatively small nuclear bombs killed approximately 200,000 people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

"Today’s nuclear weapons are much more powerful and Russia has several thousand nuclear weapons that can be used.

"It is not just the destruction and death caused by a nuclear blast, the fireball and over-pressure that it produces but the enormous amounts of radiation and fallout that would be produced that would likely impact the whole of Europe."

In response to a map illustrating the potential consequences of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Prof Craig said: "Not really a whole lot different now, though things would change were China to get involved.

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"Also back then the Soviet Union relied mainly on bombers rather than missiles so it's possible that damage to the US and maybe Western Europe wouldn't have been as bad."

Luckily, the threat of nuclear war currently remains low given that radiation would very likely impact Russian towns, according to Prof Futter.

However, he did say: "It is not impossible that he might consider exploding a small nuclear device high in the air (i.e. not designed to kill to destroy) as a warning shot to NATO/the West."


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