Chilling coronavirus X-ray images show disease tearing through lungs

Horrifying X-ray images have emerged which show the devastation coronavirus wreaks on the lungs.

The disease, which has killed more than 4,000 people worldwide, triggers coughs, fever, breathing difficulties, and organ failure in serious cases.

Doctors have able to identify specific abnormalities cased by COVID-19, similar to those stricken by SARS and MERS.

One 54-year-old patient was diagnosed at a hospital in China after visiting Wuhan – thought to be the epicentre of the outbreak.

The X-ray images show white patches in the lower corners of her lungs.

They are defined as ground glass opacity, or fluid in the spaces in the lungs.

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She was admitted to hospital after having a fever for a week, a cough, fatigue and chest congestion.

Another 45-year-old woman from Sichuan Province in China was diagnosed with the virus after returning from Japan and developing a fever, cough and chest pain.

There were extensive white patches in her chest scan and a "reversed halo sign" was observed in the left upper lobe, the medical journal Radiology reported.

Coronavirus patients have previously described the debilitating symptoms , as the outbreak spreads across the globe.

Oxfordshire couple David and Sally Abel documented their journey after contracting coronavirus on a cruise ship quarantined in Japan.

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The couple were passengers on board the Diamond Princess and are being treated in hospital after testing positive for the virus while they were confined to their cabin.

In a Facebook post, he said: "Outside the hospital I came over a bit weird and nearly passed out.

"Every pore on my body opened and I was wheelchaired to our room."

Connor Reed, a Welsh expat who lives in Wuhan, was reportedly one of the first Brits to catch the virus.

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He wrote in a diary entry: "This is no longer just a cold. I ache all over, my head is thumping, my eyes are burning, my throat is constricted.

“I’m sweating, burning up, dizzy and shivering. The television is on but I can’t make sense of it. This is a nightmare," he said.

"I can’t take more than sips of air and, when I breathe out, my lungs sound like a paper bag being crumpled up. This isn’t right. I need to see a doctor."

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