Child killer Ian Huntley rushed for cancer tests only to get the all-clear

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    Murderer Ian Huntley has been given the cancer all-clear after moaning for two years that he had the disease.

    The monster, 49, told fellow inmates he feared it was terminal and said that karma could be catching up with him.

    But Huntley who is serving a minimum 40 years for killing ten-year-olds Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in Soham, Cambridgeshire in 2002 had decided he wouldn’t accept treatment if he was diagnosed with the illness.

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    A source told The Sun: “Huntley was really worried before his hospital visit this week.

    “He was talking about how karma could have got him — and so were other people who spoke to him.

    "He was also complaining about how the prison didn’t seem too concerned about him.

    "He said they were taking ages to get him out for tests. The whole thing has been going on for about two years now.

    “And he was causing merry hell about not being seen by a specialist. When he came back he was really relieved and a bit sheepish.”

    Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman were murdered by Huntley in Soham, Cambridgeshire, on August 4, 2002 after they were lured into his home.

    Huntley subsequently murdered the two girls before dumping their bodies in an irrigation ditch near RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk.

    A high-profile search – described as one of the most extensive in British history – was launched to locate Holly and Jessica.

    However, it wasn't until August 17, 2002, that their bodies were discovered.

    Keith Pryer, a gamekeeper, was the one to find the girls, who had been left lying side by side in a five-foot deep ditch.

    The cause of death of both of the girls was later ruled as asphyxiation.

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    After word spread that the girls were missing, Huntley volunteered to help the police with the search and gave several interviews on camera during the 13-day ordeal.

    However, he was later caught out after making five key errors.

    The blunders included a suspicious car-related purchase, his method of disposing of the victims' Manchester United shirts and the location where he switched off Jessica's phone.

    The Daily Star has approached the Ministry of Justice for a comment.


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