Chef arrested after cupcakes with penis decorations at birthday go viral

An Egyptian chef has been arrested after cupcakes with penis decorations for a private birthday party went viral.

Egypt’s tabloids also published pictures of the sweet treats in print, but blurred the offending decorations out.

Al Ahram, the country’s largest state-owned newspaper, described the cupcakes as "indecent and immoral shapes."

Timothy E Kaldas from the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy said the case was about "banning sexuality in the public sphere and restricting he sexuality that is outside the control of men."

Police nicked the female chef after the images surfaced.

Mr Kalds said: "On one level it’s hard not to be initially struck by the absurdity of penis cupcakes garnering the attention of state prosecutors, police investigators, members of parliament and the regime-controlled press.

"At the core of the matter is not the banning of sexuality in the public sphere, it is restricting sexuality that is outside the control of men."

Authorities intervened in a bid to enforce the country’s pubic molarity laws, which tend to target the actions of women.

According to to the Al Masry Al Youm newspaper, the pastry chef was in tears when she arrived at the prosecution office, it has been reported.

She claimed patrons of the club "came to my shop and handed me pictures of genitals, and asked me for cakes in these forms."

It is understood the pastry chef was released on a bail of 5,000 EGP (£233).

Minister for youth and sports, Dr Ashraf Sobhy, said his department would form a committee to investigate the incident and punish alleged perpetrators.

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She is being held on the came charge that recently saw Egyptian actor Rania Youssef tried for "contempt of Islam and infringing Egyptian family values."

Her arrest came after she commented on her own physique during a television programme.

Earlier this month, two female TikTok influencers who served jail terms last year for "violating family values" and harming public morals were acquitted.

Bellydancer Sama El Masry was jailed for three years and fined 300,000 Egyptian pounds (£14,025) for violating family values and "immorality."

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