Charles Bronsons outside fears as hell hate f***** tag amid release bid

Britain’s “most notorious prisoner” has expressed his concerns about the outside world as he pushes for release from the cage.

Charles Bronson admitted he’d be on “very thin ice” in the outside world and fears the realities of day-to-day life with a tag on.

In a wider rant about the difficulties prisoners face after release from the can he moaned about the “f*****g tag” making showering hard in a 2021 interview.

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After almost 50 years on the inside the 70-year-old is desperate for release and is in the middle of having his future revived by the parole board.

In 1999, he kidnapped a prison art teacher while he was already inside for armed robbery in 1974. The hostage situation led to a life sentence handed down to the infamous inmate.

Speaking to YouTuber Steve Wraith in 2021, Bronson said: “Let's just say they say I'm not allowed to walk past the Post Office, well, how do I know if there's a Post Office round the f*****g corner?

“Now in a paedophile's case they're not allowed to walk past schools, but how do they know if there's a school round the corner?”

Making his comments as part of Wraith’s The Charlie Salvador aka Bronson Interviews, he added: “And you're not allowed to talk to girls? Well, what happens if a girl talks to you.

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“I'm going to be on very thin ice out there. But at least it's half freedom.

“The only thing I'm not looking forward to is that f*****g tag on my ankle – for three months I think. How do you ever shower with that on?

“How do you put your socks on? I won't be able to wear my suspenders and tights with them!'

Bronson’s case is being considered by a panel of three at HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes.

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