Cat lover tries to film kittens at animal shelter – but they have other ideas

This funny video is what happened when a cat shelter employee attempted to film a trio of cheeky kittens – but they simply wouldn't behave.

In the clip, the patient woman is seen rearranging the kittens in a futile bid to get them all facing the camera.

But her furry friends refuse to be photogenic and are much more interested in swatting the equipment with their paws.

The tabby kittens take it in turns to get up and attack the camera, with their frustrated human companion having to pick them up and put them back in place over and over again.

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In particular, there are two kittens who are much more fidgety than their sibling.

The overall effect is of a kitten-conveyor belt and delighted Reddit users said they would watch it "forever" – with the popular video getting upvoted more than 30,000 times in just four days.

“You could do that all day until everyone passes out,” joked one viewer.

Someone commented: “These kitties are caught in an infinite time loop!”

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A third animal lover said: “I could watch this video all day!”

In the caption of the video, Reddit user MarshyMiao who recorded it explained: “Just wanted to make a video of our kittens at the shelter but they were too interested in my phone.”

Responding to one of the comments, she added: “You should see me trying to exit the kitten room… Endless loop of me trying to move them away from the door.”

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This comes after a hilarious Reddit trend saw users share videos of their cats gagging just like humans when the finickity felines were presented with food they deemed not up to scratch.

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Meanwhile, this cat was filmed making a very strange face when it played with a ball – making Reddit users claim the moggy was "broken".

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