Cartel say ‘our nuts drag on the ground’ in strange threat to ‘kill everyone’

A Mexican drug cartel has issued a truly bizarre message to prison guards, claiming their "nuts are dragging on the ground" and threatening to "kill everyone".

The threat came the Los Mezcales, also known as the Colima Independent Cartel, a splinter group from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) who are considered Mexico's most dangerous drug trafficking organisation.

Los Mezcales are a relatively small criminal organisation with a stronghold in the Mexican state of Colima.

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That is where they placed two scrawled messages on car windows this week discussing the weight of their genitals.

According to a translation from BorderlandBeat, the first message accuses prison guards of "messing with" someone only referred to as "W", and suggests in no uncertain terms that they stop doing that.

It reads: "For all the f**king prison personnel, check this out.

"If you keep messing with 'W' I’ll start taking actions against everyone. And if something should happen to this individual I’ll hold you guys responsible for where you currently have him.

"You f***ots need to place him with my peers. Remember that 'W' is a part of my family. I’m that guy who’s nuts are dragging on the ground.

"We are the absolute Colima Independent Cartel."

In the second message their demands are more general, asking prison guards to stop messing with their "mob".

It also names 19 individuals directly. Although it isn't clear who all of them are as nicknames are used, some are referred to as "commander".

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It reads: "For all prison personnel.

"Keep f**king up with my mob and we will eventually kill everyone. I already have every one of you guys located.

"I’m the guy who’s nuts are dragging on the ground. We are the absolute Colima Independent Cartel."


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