Cannibal killer murdered and ate three of his friends after ‘voices told him to’

A cannibal who worked in a meat factory killed and ate three of his "friends".

Eduard Seleznev said "voices" in his head told him to commit the gruesome crimes, although he was found to be sane.

Reports say Seleznev, 51, from Russia also confessed to killing and eating cats, dogs and birds.

His victims included a 59-year-old, along with two other acquaintances aged 43 and 34, a court was told.

He plied them with alcohol and stabbed them after they fell asleep.

The first victim was knifed in the chest and, after Seleznev ate part of his body, the rest of his corpse was thrown in a river in Arkhangelsk region.

The next two men were also stabbed and after eating part of their bodies, the dismembered remains were packed in plastic bags and thrown in Lake Butygino.

A police video shows the cannibal indicating to detectives were he disposed of the human remains.

Footage also showed the killer in a metal cage in court.

"Eduard Seleznev was sentenced to life imprisonment in a special regime colony,” said a statement from the regional court.

"He will never be freed.

“The court took into account his persistent antisocial attitudes, demonstrating complete disregard for human life.”

The accused had insisted he was innocent and told the court: "Let the jury decide whether I am guilty or not.”

The guilty verdict was unanimous.

The cannibal was sentenced to life in a special regime prison colony from which he will never be released.

State prosecutor Ivan Zavorukhin said he was “satisfied” with the life sentence.

“For such crimes that the maximum punishment should follow,” he said.

An investigative source said “complex examinations” were needed to establish the identity of the cannibal’s victims.

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