Can Donald Trump retake the presidency? Reinstatement claims fact-checked

Donald Trump says he is ‘looking at’ a 2024 presidential run

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Controversial ex-US President Donald Trump forfeited his role in January this year after losing out to Democratic challenger Joe Biden. While the new President has quickly adapted to his role, Mr Trump has continued to assert foul play in the 2020 election. Now, one insider has alleged he is telling associates he could soon step back into the drivers’ seat.

Can Donald Trump retake the presidency?

Posting on Twitter, New York Times Washington correspondent Maggie Haberman said Mr Trump told a “number of people” he will be “reinstated” this August.

She added this isn’t “how it works”, but the news drew an intense discussion in the comments.

Some believed his resignation was “just the beginning” of Mr Trump’s resurgence, while others joked he wouldn’t “even be reinstated to Facebook”.

In the real world, followers of QAnon have claimed he could step back into his former role, backed by former Trump attorney Sidney Powell.

Speaking at an event in Dallas over the weekend, Ms Powell said it “should be” that he can “simply be reinstated” with a new Inauguration Day.

But other legal experts have quickly and vehemently denied the claim.

CNN legal analyst Seve Vladeck told the network Ms Powell was “making stuff up”.

He said: “There’s no regulation, rule, statute or constitutional provision that comes within a million light-years of what she’s describing.

He added there was nothing in the law or constitution permitting such an act for a former President.

And there is “no mechanism” for reinstating Mr Trump or setting another Inauguration Day.

Only the House of Representatives and Senate have the power to remove a President.

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They can only do so after a majority vote to impeach on agreed charges.

Even if a significant enough contingent could impeach the current President, Mr Trump could not take his place.

The order of precedence would make Kamala Harris, Mr Biden’s Vice President, Commander in Chief instead.

The former President allegedly has no aspirations for Ms Powell’s claims, however.

Mr Trump’s allies have denied he has any aspirations for reinstatement this year.

His daughter-in-law Lara, who is married to Eric Trump, pushed back on the claims.

Speaking to Fox and Friends earlier today, she said there are “no plans for Donald Trump to be in the White House in August”.

She added: “I think that is a lot of folks getting a little worked up about something because maybe there wasn’t enough pushback from the Republican side.”

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