Cambridge student fuming at £170 per week room she can’t even step foot into

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A Cambridge student burst out in tears upon arriving at her new digs after she couldn't even get through the door because it was being used as a storage cupboard.

Georgia Sayward, 19, is currently paying £170 a week for the room at Anglia Ruskin, where she studies Criminal Investigative Studies.

Returning for her second year, she was greeted by a bedroom stuffed full of flat-pack furniture, and a night spent on her mattress in the kitchen to be woken by drips of water coming down the wall, reports Cambridgeshire Live.

“I spent all day crying because they were telling me I could either go and live in a house by myself or stay down here until they get my room sorted but we don’t know when that will be,” she said.

“I don't feel very safe, because anyone could walk in through the front door.”

And having moved in with two friends, there are three flatmates in the six-bed abode that she doesn’t know yet.

Georgia’s mum Frances, who drove her daughter from their Northamptonshire home to the Cambridge accommodation, said the teenager burst into tears on seeing her room.

“We were ever so disappointed and actually really quite upset at how upset she was,” Mrs Sayward said of her and husband Mark’s reaction.

“We’d packed everything up, driven down there, expecting to be able to unload it and get her room nice and pretty and leave her settled in and safe and secure … and actually it wasn't quite like that.”

They said they had received no warning about the state of the room, despite being contacted to pay the deposit to UK Student Houses – the trading arm of Homes for Students PLC.

Mrs Sayward said the house hadn’t been cleaned, there was an old sofa in the back garden, and “just general grubbiness” inside.

“We were actually told that nobody had done any house checks because they'd been short-staffed,” she said.

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She claimed the problems may have extended beyond Georgia’s house to others of the nearly 50 properties run by UK Student Houses in the city.

At the reception of the company’s Cambridge base, Mrs Sayward said she saw “a stream of students coming in and saying ‘we haven’t got a key, this key doesn't work, I haven’t got a bed, my room’s filthy’.”

The maintenance worker who sorts out the properties told the Saywards that he would try to clear Georgia’s room before the weekend.

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With term starting on Monday, there is some heavy-lifting to do.

“So we’re not even sure if she has got a bed underneath all that because you can’t see it," Mrs Sayward said.

A spokesperson for UK Student Houses, said: “Due to an error with our supplier, we were extremely sorry that the welcome received by this student was below the standard we would usually deliver.

“Once the situation became clear, our team worked around the clock to rectify the issue.

“The matter has now been resolved and we very much look forward to offering the very best experience to all students as they commence their studies in the city.”

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